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Getting tested is the only way to know whether you have HIV.

Testing Options

Some people with HIV do not exhibit any symptoms. The only way to determine whether you have HIV is to get tested. HIV tests are recommended for all adults and are available at BronxCare. The tests are quick and painless.

  • BronxCare offers rapid HIV ELISA test screening with results available in 20–25 minutes.
  • Standard lab testing through a blood sample collection is also offered, with results available in one hour.

Testing At Home

  • A self-test, which requires an oral swab, will provide results in 20 minutes.
  • A mail-in test, which requires a finger prick for a blood sample, will provide results in one week.

There is a period of time (window period) from when a person contracts HIV and when it is detectable through an HIV test. Speak with your health care provider about the various tests and whether you need to retest to confirm results.

HIV screening is covered by health insurance without co-pays. BronxCare also offers free HIV testing for those individuals without health insurance. Call 718-992-7669 (718-99-BRONX) for more information.

Testing Locations

HIV testing and counseling are offered at the Center of Comprehensive Care as well as through BronxCare’s Mobile Van at designated site locations throughout the community.

Mobile Unit Locations